Angela + Judy: Married!

Last month, while were getting pelted with one miserable snowstorm after the next, Angela and Judy took a trip from Indiana to get married in our nation’s capital.

In what turned out to be a rare beautiful May day, Angela and Judy exchanged their vows in a private ceremony at Marriage DC and then we headed up to Meridian Hill Park to capture their first moments as newlyweds.

After discussing the finer points of Doctor Who (Tennant is still the best, ladies!) and snapping a couple of Polaroid pictures, we piled back in my Jeep (which marks the first time I ever had a newlywed couple in my car!) and made our way to DuPont Circle to visit the Krispy Kreme sign.

Just before we parted ways I suggested that a cake cutting was in order and we walked over to Hello Cupcake! for a pair of delicious peanut butter cupcakes.

Even though we were only together for a few hours, I had an absolute blast with Angela and Judy.  They were such an amazing couple, extremely fun to be around – as you can see in the photos – and being Doctor Who fans never hurts 🙂  Angela and Judy, thank you for letting me be there to capture these pictures for you.  Here’s to many, many years together!!

A snap from Angela + Judy