Shots Of The Blue Man Group At National Theatre

Tuesday night, Blue Man Group kicked off a five-day stay at the National Theatre in Washington, DC and my wife and I were invited to come down on opening night to enjoy the performance and snap.

Having never seen BMG before I was excited to go, and not only would we have ourselves a pretty sweet ‘date night’ but I was lucky enough to photograph the last 40 minutes of the show.  Thankfully I have an amazing wife who let me ‘work’ on date night so I could capture these awesome shots!

It was a little odd to be only shooting the last half of the show, but considering almost every band on tour right now only allows the first three songs to be covered this was a welcome change.  This was a fun show to cover as it really allowed me to test the ISO range on the D4s.  Most of the shots below were pushing 12800 ISO, for those camera nerds who care.

If you haven’t already seen Blue Man Group it is well worth the trip next time they’re in town.  For the full gallery click here

A shot of the Blue Man Group at National Theatre.