Lauren + Chris: Engagement Session At Great Falls

This weekend Lauren and Chris will head out to Trump National Golf Course, stand atop the waterfall and say their vows before friends and family. But, before we get to that point, Lauren and Chris had a quick little engagement session this July.

Great Falls is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to do engagement sessions, and my third visit there with a couple led to us discovering even more fun spots to shoot. After starting off at one of the overlooks we headed down the river trail  to do some exploring. Unfortunately a few of the spots I had previously visited were blocked due to construction. We did, however, find a new formation a few yards down from the overlook that provided us with some much needed cover from the sun, and a couple of great photos. Lauren, ever the trooper, had no issues climbing up some rocks in her dress and heels to get the shot.

After a quick change, Lauren and Chris showed off their love of Alfred Morris, even if they are a house divided. Lauren rocked her #46 Washington Redskins Morris jersey while Chris had no problem showing off his loyalty to the Dallas Cowboys despite being in the heart of Redskins country.

Despite the summer heat Great Falls once again provided me with an amazing backdrop for the beautiful couple. Lauren and Chris, can’t wait to celebrate with you two this weekend.

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