A Review Of Lucky Camera Straps’ Wrist Strap

A few months ago I came across a camera strap company on Instagram by the name of Lucky Camera Straps. I currently use a Black Rapid for most of my work so I wasn’t necessarily in the market for a new strap but I wouldn’t mind having something to replace the generic ones that came with my cameras.

One thing I’ve always wanted to get is a hand for my portrait sessions, or any other type of shoot that doesn’t require a full on camera strap.

Lucky Camera Straps caught my attention not only because they offered some beautiful-looking leather straps, but they had a really nice looking wrist strap so I went ahead and ordered one.

When the strap arrived, from Australia, I was immediately impressed with the quality of the strap. Lucky Straps has clearly taken the time and research to find some of the most comfortable leather around and truly do make a beautiful camera strap. I was in love with this thing and could see myself using this more often than not.  Then I put it on my camera.

Once the strap was attached it became pretty clear to me that this was in no way made for a pro level DSLR. My D4s, as seen in the photo above hangs well out of reach, almost down past my knee. When I ordered this product my assumption was, after looking at some shots on their Instagram (particularly this one) page, was that wrist strap would hold my camera at the ready so I could grab and shoot quickly and without issue.

Unfortunately, the sheer length of the strap makes this a near-impossibility. Even with the fabric portion of the attachment pulled as tight as it can be on the camera body, the length of the leather keeps the camera dangling too far. In order for me to use this strap in a manner that keeps my D4s at the ready I would have to position the strap about 3/4 up my forearm, almost to my elbow (as seen in the third image.)

A Snap From Rich KesslerOverall, I like what Lucky Camera Straps is doing with their products, but if I could do this over I would just go ahead and order myself a full size camera strap and call it a day. One thing I think that they could do to make this more of a functional wrist strap is to either shorten the overall length of the leather area itself, or modify the strap so that it’s tighter on your wrist.

I’ve been looking at adding a heavy duty button to the leather so that I can wrap the excess slack around one more before running it through the metal loop and attaching it to my camera. That probably still won’t put the body in an ideal location for me to grab it quickly but it will keep from hanging so low.  All in all I think they do great work with their product, this one, however, just wasn’t up to par for me.

Thanks to my buddy, Willis, for taking these shots for me.