M Night Shyamalan At The National Press Club DC Luncheon

‘The Sixth Sense’ director, M Night Shyamalan was in town yesterday to discuss his thoughts on closing the education gap on inner city schools in America.  Shyamalan, while scouting locations for ‘The Happening’ described his visit to two schools, one in the inner city with metal detectors, a closed off second floor and a burned down theater.

The second was a school described as ‘incredibly vibrant’ where some students recognized the director but walked on by, as if this was something normal for them.  A stark contrast to the previous school.

These visits started Shyamalan on a seven-year journey researching data, “I come from a family of doctors. It’s an evidence-based field,” Shyamalan said. “I said, let’s gather the information,” that eventually led to the release of his book; ‘I Got School’ last year.

It was an amazingly enlightening talk and hopefully opens everyone’s eyes up to the current state of the education system in this country.   You can see it here if you’re interested.

But I was there for pictures and I had one goal in mind which was to get a portrait with Mr. Shyamalan.  Once his talk was over and books were signed I was given a few seconds (looking at my image data about 15 seconds) with the director.

I posed him in front of the brightest spot in the room I could find, fired off six shots and captured the exact image I was looking for, which you see below.

This was my first time shooting at the NPC and loved it, hopefully there will be more luncheons and portraits to come!

A shot of M Night Shyamalan from The National Press Club DC Luncheon from Washington DC Editorial Photographer Rich Kessler.