Marc Broussard: Sessions At Willow Grove

A few weeks ago, I was invited back down to The Inn at Willow Grove for the final ‘Sessions at Willow Grove‘ of the year.  As always. I jump at the chance to take a trip back down to Orange, VA and hang out with the amazing people at the Inn and the awesome crew that works to put on every ‘Sessions’ episode.

This time out ‘bayou soul’ singer, Marc Broussard took the stage to the delight of everyone in attendance.  Broussard, best known for the song ‘Home,’ had the crowd rocking along from the second he hit the stage until the last note of ‘This Christmas.’

A snap by DC photographer Rich Kessler from a shoot with Marc Broussard at Willow Grove.

I fully admit I didn’t know a lot of his songs, other than ‘Home,’ but I left the Inn as a huge fan of Marc Broussard.  I couldn’t have asked for a better show to shoot for my final 2014 gig, and can’t wait to see what artists are on tap for future Sessions performances.  Again, many thanks to everyone at the Inn, everyone involved in the ‘Sessions’ show and the artists who come out to put on these performances.