Michelle’s “Fight Cancer” Photo Shoot

Six months ago, I presented an idea to my friend, Michelle, about a photo shoot to commemorate her kicking cancer’s ass.

Michelle was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 and, as of August 5, 2014 is officially done with treatment.  Along the way she started a Bittersweet, a Facebook page to document her journey. I’ve been following the page religiously; reading her anecdotes, inspirational posts, photos and updates.

I was inspired by not only her posts but also her attitude.  She was upbeat, always had a huge smile in her photos and I wanted to capture that somehow.

I looked at the cover for Sammy Hagar’s ‘Unboxed’ album and knew that it was a great starting point for the shoot.

After months of searching for a boxing ring in the area we were set.  Unfortunately, mother nature got in our way and snowed us out, but a few weeks later Title Gym in Manassas opened its doors for us and the shoot was on.

My original concept was to take three images of Michelle at various stages of her journey and stitch them together, as seen below. What ended up becoming my favorite photo is a shot of her against the ropes looking up at the ‘Power’ poster on the wall behind her.

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Natalie’s Xtend Barre Old Town Alexandria Session

Monday afternoon, I spent some time with Natalie, the owner of Xtend Barre Old Town, at her studio for a portrait session.  I had been trying to set up a yoga/ballet/pilates shoot for some time and Natalie was more than eager to help me out.

After a scheduling delay, we were able to settle on a date and time for the session.  I’d spent some time looking up poses online that I felt would look great for our shoot, a few of which Natalie had saved as well, when we decided it was better to just go through some of the normal poses someone would learn taking her class.

A shot from Natalie

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The Look Restaurant And Lounge Photo Shoot

I recently went down to Look Lounge to do a quick photoshoot with the owner, who happens to be an old neighborhood friend of my brother’s, Michael Kosmides.

I found out while shooting the Pierrce Garcon White Party for Hollywood on the Potomac, that Mike owned the club.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to spend a whole lot of time catching up with him, but as I walked around the club before the party I fell in love instantly with the booth area they had in the VIP lounge. I took a few quick shots, nothing formal, and promised myself that I would go back down there one day and do a proper portrait with Mike at those booths.

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Shots From The Maryland Terrapins VS. Wisconsin Badgers NCAA Men’s Basketball Game

Tuesday night, the 14th, ranked the University of Maryland Terrapins took on the 5th ranked University of Wisconsin Badgers in Maryland’s biggest game of the season since joining the Big 10. The Badgers entered the game with a chance to clinch a share of the Big 10 title with a victory.

Friday afternoon, I was contacted by a friend and fellow photographer about shooting the game for Wisconsin.  He was unavailable that day and, as I had been trying to break in to college basketball, I jumped at the chance to shoot.  After working things out with the communications director for Wisconsin I headed up 95 for the game.

Unfortunately, with this being such an important game, traffic getting to the area was beyond what I had expected.  Two hours after leaving for the game I had my credentials in hand and made it inside the Xfinity Center with a few moments to spare before tip-off.

I was seated on the far end of the court, across from the Wisconsin bench, which was perfect as I knew at some point in the game Coach Ryan would get fired up and give me some great shots. True to form, towards the end of the game a call went Maryland’s way and after spending much of the game fairly reserved he broke out and become as animated as I’ve ever seen a coach.

I was also fortunate enough to be a few feet away from former Maryland Coach, Gary Williams, who came out to enjoy the game.

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Client Packaging: New Custom USB Drives!

At the start of last year, I introduced new custom USB drives and boxes that would be the preferred way to deliver your wedding photos.

This year, I’m excited to show off my brand new option for delivering your images; custom wood 8gb USB drives!

Available in two options—contemporary wood or classic wood—these drives are simply stunning, and are a gorgeous way to show off your wedding.  The drives can be printed with an image of your choice, or text, if you prefer.

The classic wood comes with a removable, magnetic, top.  The drive is less than an inch thick and is small enough to fit in your pocket without getting in the way.  The contemporary wood drive is roughly the size of a credit card with one end flipping out to reveal the drive.

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