Marc Broussard: Sessions At Willow Grove

A few weeks ago, I was invited back down to The Inn at Willow Grove for the final ‘Sessions at Willow Grove‘ of the year.  As always. I jump at the chance to take a trip back down to Orange, VA and hang out with the amazing people at the Inn and the awesome crew that works to put on every ‘Sessions’ episode.

This time out ‘bayou soul’ singer, Marc Broussard took the stage to the delight of everyone in attendance.  Broussard, best known for the song ‘Home,’ had the crowd rocking along from the second he hit the stage until the last note of ‘This Christmas.’

A snap by DC photographer Rich Kessler from a shoot with Marc Broussard at Willow Grove.

I fully admit I didn’t know a lot of his songs, other than ‘Home,’ but I left the Inn as a huge fan of Marc Broussard.  I couldn’t have asked for a better show to shoot for my final 2014 gig, and can’t wait to see what artists are on tap for future Sessions performances.  Again, many thanks to everyone at the Inn, everyone involved in the ‘Sessions’ show and the artists who come out to put on these performances. View full post »

Photos From The Lt. Col. Wallace Air Force Promotion Ceremony

Last month, a fellow photographer put a call out for some help covering a promotion ceremony that he was unable to do.  I was lucky enough to be around when the post came on Facebook and, after a quick back and forth, arrangements were made for me to head down to the Air Force Memorial for Lt. Col Wallace’s ceremony.

On a gorgeous, if only slightly windy, Friday afternoon in November we all gathered in the center of the memorial for the ceremony.

After a wonderful introduction from General Been, it was time for Lt. Col. Wallace to receive his new pins from his wife and parents.  With the pin-on ceremony complete, and Lt. Col. Wallace having thanked everyone for coming all those in attendance were ready to sing along with the Air Force Song.

Unfortunately, there were issues with the music but that didn’t seem to be a problem as the entire crowd sang a cappella.  That was truly an awesome sight to witness.  It was an honor to be part of such a special event.  The Wallace family could not have been more amazing, and I am extremely thankful that they allowed me to come down and shoot for them.

For some reason, after all this time I had never actually gone to visit the memorial instead I would admire it from 395 as I headed in to DC for a Nats game.  You can’t appreciate the sheer size and beauty of this piece until you’re sitting in the middle of the circle staring up into the sky at the tips of the memorial. View full post »

Abby + Adam’s Engagement Session

A few months ago, before the start of another Kastles season, I received an email from Abby about shooting her wedding.  Abby and I met my first season with the team, back in 2011 and, along with our friends and coworkers, Jack and Willis, we formed the original Black Bandit crew on an 11 hour road trip from South Carolina to DC.

After our road trip bonding session, it was a lock I would shoot her wedding years later, right?  At least I hoped!  So when I finally received Abby’s email about her wedding I was excited, and even more excited to finally get her engagement session scheduled.

When the day came for her engagement session, Willis and I headed up 95 to Abby and Adam’s apartment.  With an absolutely gorgeous day and M&T Stadium providing a backdrop we headed up to their roof to start the session.

After a quick outfit change, and grabbing their pup, Jack, we spent some time in the alley outside Abby and Adam’s place.

The light we ended up with was absolutely perfect, and is now one of my favorite places to go.  A final trip up to the Inner Harbor for some fun ‘save the date’ shots brought our session, sadly, to a close.  I absolutely cannot wait for their wedding in March!

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Sandra + Thomas: Meadow Lark Gardens Engagement Session

I was introduced to Sandra and Thomas by my friend Shannon.  Shannon and Sandra work together at the hospital and, with such a crazy schedule on her part, Sandra wanted to try and fit in a summer engagement session before work got out of hand and there was no time.

Once they had a date in hand, we headed up to Meadow Lark Garden in Vienna for a gorgeous afternoon session.  Sandra and Thomas chose this spot because it had been one of their first date locations.  Years ago they stopped by the gazebo and left their initials in the wood.    We went down to see if they were still there and, despite the obvious renovations and paint job there was a ‘T+S’ on the post.

I had a blast with these two, they were such an awesome couple to be around and I’m glad we were able to take care of this session before things got crazy for them.

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Jeremy + Mike: The Winery At La Grange Engagement Session

Tomorrow afternoon, Jeremy and Mike will say their vows at Lansdowne before family and friends, but first we had to take a little time out to visit their favorite Virginia winery and have ourselves a fun little engagement session.

Jeremy and Mike are members at The Winery at La Grange and, while their wedding may be at another venue, they made sure that La Grange was included in their celebration as we headed out for our session.

With October weather being hit or miss lately, I was happy to see mother nature stopped the rain early enough for us to get the session in.

With the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains as a backdrop and a gorgeous sky we headed out around the property taking full advantage of what they had to offer us, including my new favorite hill/farm combo.

Jeremy and Mike got things started off right for Ali and I as they treated us to a wine tasting before the session began.  I may just have to start scheduling all sessions here as La Grange not only gives us beautiful photos, but their wine is top notch!

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