Sessions At Willow Grove With Nick Lachey

Earlier this month The Inn at Willow Grove hosted the first ever ‘Sessions at Willow Grove’ with former 98° frontman, reality star and current host of VH1 “Big Morning Buzz Live,” Nick Lachey.

‘Sessions’ is a new lifestyle series on Comcast Xfinity On Demand focusing on music, food and wine.  I was asked by my friend, Tara, if I was interested in coming back down to Willow Grove and shoot the concert for them.  It wasn’t much of a question if I would or not, she had me at Lachey!

And, having shot Tara’s wedding there back in February I’ve been dying to get back to the Inn and shoot more.

‘Sessions’ premiers On Demand later this month with Lachey’s performance kicking off the series.  Kate Voegele, who opened up the evening with an amazing set, showcases her cooking skills in a future episode.  The evening also featured performances by Luke McMaster, Bek Phillips and Jim McGorman.

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Photos From The Washington Kastles 2014 World TeamTennis Season

This July I had the honor of once again shooting for the Washington Kastles as they made a run at four straight World TeamTennis championships.

My first season with the Kastles, in 2011, saw them make history as they completed the first undefeated streak in WTT on their way to a second King Trophy.

Over the next two years, they completed a second straight undefeated season, set the record for the longest winning streak in US pro sports at 34 straight wins and picked up another pair of titles.

My gear for the season. Nikon D4s, D700, 24-70mm, 70-200mm and a 300mm, SB 910.

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M Night Shyamalan At The National Press Club DC Luncheon

‘The Sixth Sense’ director, M Night Shyamalan was in town yesterday to discuss his thoughts on closing the education gap on inner city schools in America.  Shyamalan, while scouting locations for ‘The Happening’ described his visit to two schools, one in the inner city with metal detectors, a closed off second floor and a burned down theater.

The second was a school described as ‘incredibly vibrant’ where some students recognized the director but walked on by, as if this was something normal for them.  A stark contrast to the previous school.

These visits started Shyamalan on a seven-year journey researching data, “I come from a family of doctors. It’s an evidence-based field,” Shyamalan said. “I said, let’s gather the information,” that eventually led to the release of his book; ‘I Got School’ last year.

It was an amazingly enlightening talk and hopefully opens everyone’s eyes up to the current state of the education system in this country.   You can see it here if you’re interested.

But I was there for pictures and I had one goal in mind which was to get a portrait with Mr. Shyamalan.  Once his talk was over and books were signed I was given a few seconds (looking at my image data about 15 seconds) with the director.

I posed him in front of the brightest spot in the room I could find, fired off six shots and captured the exact image I was looking for, which you see below.

This was my first time shooting at the NPC and loved it, hopefully there will be more luncheons and portraits to come!

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Elaine + Eric’s Georgetown Engagement Session

I met Elaine and Eric back in January when I did my first ever bridal show at the Patriot Center.  They were the first couple to contact me after the show, the first couple to set up a meeting and the first couple to book a wedding with me.

These two made the bridal show completely worth it. With a tight schedule leading up to their June wedding Elaine and Eric wanted to make sure we got an engagement session done in time and get a gorgeous guest book for the wedding. I’d been looking forward to the session with them and even more so once we switched the location from Avenel Farm to Georgetown.

Our session started at the rather beautiful Francis Scott Key Memorial where they displayed their dipping prowess, which means we’ll have a LOT of dipping pictures come wedding day!

After a trip to my new favorites spot just above the boat house, Elaine made a quick outfit change and we went off in search of a couple more locations.  A stop at a nice little courtyard and then a quick duck into an alley finally led us to Grace Church and those beautiful red doors I’ve been wanting to shoot at for awhile.

I had so much fun with Elaine and Eric on this shoot.  She was a trooper hiking all over Georgetown in those heels, and how about that ring!!  I can’t wait for their wedding in a couple of weeks.

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Shots Of The Blue Man Group At National Theatre

Tuesday night, Blue Man Group kicked off a five-day stay at the National Theatre in Washington, DC and my wife and I were invited to come down on opening night to enjoy the performance and snap.

Having never seen BMG before I was excited to go, and not only would we have ourselves a pretty sweet ‘date night’ but I was lucky enough to photograph the last 40 minutes of the show.  Thankfully I have an amazing wife who let me ‘work’ on date night so I could capture these awesome shots!

It was a little odd to be only shooting the last half of the show, but considering almost every band on tour right now only allows the first three songs to be covered this was a welcome change.  This was a fun show to cover as it really allowed me to test the ISO range on the D4s.  Most of the shots below were pushing 12800 ISO, for those camera nerds who care.

If you haven’t already seen Blue Man Group it is well worth the trip next time they’re in town.  For the full gallery click here

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