Photos From The Krispy Kreme Manassas Grand Opening

This past Tuesday, after a long wait, Krispy Kreme finally opened the doors on its newest location in Manassas, VA.

Anyone who has ever had to travel miles just to get their hands on a Krispy Kreme doughnut knows how great this is for everyone. And, being that it’s less than 10 minutes from my house great for me too as this is now the perfect place to hold wedding consults!

Rappaport Company, the owners of the shopping center, contacted me about going on there to cover the grand opening for a few hours. Having eaten more than my fair share of glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts, I was more than happy to take the assignment.

As expected, the line to get in started long before the doors ever opened (with some people showing up as early as Saturday) and the drive-thru line was almost stretched into the intersection at one point. I wasn’t able to fully appreciate how deep the drive thru line was until we made our way to the roof for a few overhead shots that Rappaport requested. Fans were more than happy to wait for a hot, fresh, glazed doughnut and were treated to DJ Big Will, balloons for the kids and samples of the glazed doughnut holes.

This was easily one of my favorite assignments as I was able to get behind the scenes and up close to the conveyor belt as apple fritters and doughnuts made their way through the glaze waterfall (enjoy the videos at the bottom.) To top it off, my girls were able to come visit me at work to pose for an Instagram photo for Krispy Kreme and then go home with some amazing doughnuts to celebrate their birthday.

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