White House Correspondents Dinner Weekend: Part 2

Monday I shared with you all some photos from Friday night’s WHCD parties, or at least the ones I was able to attend.  If you missed it, here you go.

Saturday night, before the dinner itself Atlantic Media and CBS held a cocktail reception at the Washington Hilton.

As I made my way to the hotel, fully intent on arriving well before 6 PM, my heart sank as I watched Waze tell me that a .5 mile journey up Connecticut Ave would take 25 minutes.

After (luckily) finding a metered spot directly across the street from the hotel entrance, I waded through protesters, because what good is an event in DC without a protest, and headed inside to enjoy the scene and snap some pictures.

The patio quickly filled with guests and soon enough you couldn’t turn around without finding a celebrity inches from you.  The cast of House of Cards spent most of their time in the tent, along with musician Gloria Estefan, ‘The Good Wife‘ actress Julianna Margulies, Quest Love from the Roots, Super Bowl Champion Richard Sherman and of course The Most Interesting Man in The World.

Things I learned from this party; President Walker and Secretary of State of State Durant are a real like couple, and amazingly nice people to talk to (as was everyone else from the show for that matter) and The Most Interesting Man in The World had one mission and that was to meet the cast.

As the parties dispersed and guests headed downstairs for dinner, I managed to catch a quick photo of a Duck Dynasty-er (is that right?) with Arrested Development‘s Jeffrey Tambor as well as Taylor Shilling (Piper) and Uzo Aduba (Crazy Eyes) from Orange is The New Black.

Season two will premiere  on June 6 (according to Piper) in case anyone is wondering.  Sadly the party came to an end and so did my amazing weekend.  Hopefully next year I can do this again, and who knows, maybe one day get to a dinner!  Thank you,  Janet Donovan for allowing me the opportunity to cover these for Hollywood on the Potomac.

Oh, and I saw a sweet rainbow.A snap from the White House Correspondents Dinner Weekend by Washington DC Event Photographer Rich Kessler.