Natalie’s Xtend Barre Old Town Alexandria Session

Monday afternoon, I spent some time with Natalie, the owner of Xtend Barre Old Town, at her studio for a portrait session.  I had been trying to set up a yoga/ballet/pilates shoot for some time and Natalie was more than eager to help me out.

After a scheduling delay, we were able to settle on a date and time for the session.  I’d spent some time looking up poses online that I felt would look great for our shoot, a few of which Natalie had saved as well, when we decided it was better to just go through some of the normal poses someone would learn taking her class.

A shot from Natalie

It was a little challenging to work around all of the mirrors in the room, but after some trial and error, we quickly settled in and began one of the most fun sessions I’ve had in a while. Natalie was a blast to work with, getting into some of the most painful looking poses (and holding them for what seemed like an eternity) I’ve ever seen.  When we were finished up inside we took a walk down the block to King Street Gardens Park for a couple outdoor shots.  After a ridiculous snow storm the week before we got lucky with a beautiful day for the photos.