Monthly Archives: November 2013

Happy Monday!

The best part about having kids is that when you need to test out some lighting you have a built in model. When she grew tired of sitting in front of the camera, Holly took her place behind the lens and made me a very proud Dad as she manned the D700 for some shots. […]

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Dogtopia Headshots {Maryland Corporate Photographer}

I recently was asked by my friends at Dogtopia to come out to their home office and update the team headshots.  I had been out previously a few years ago and am always happy to get a call from them to do more work.  The crew at Dogtopia have become my favorite group to work […]

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Brocation in Kane, PA

Shortly before a new school year started (because everything revolves around Holly’s school) I was finally invited to take part in the super secret Broventure.  Broventure (©2012 Bretz/Haven) is a long standing tradition between my good friend, Willis, and his life mate, Jason.

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