Brooke + Brian’s Old Town Engagement Session

Brooke and Brian were awesome to work with. We went to Old Town Alexandria for their engagement shoot; I’m so glad they found the time to do this before their upcoming wedding date.  Fantastic weather set the stage for what would be a lovely afternoon.

For the occasion, Brooke wore a pretty, floaty white dress and red cowboy boots, while her soon-to-be-husband donned a simple but sophisticated blue shirt and khakis.

This couple was honestly a blast to work with. At one point Brooke even asked at one point how awkward they were on a scale of one-to-ten. The goal by the end, of course, was to be the least awkward couple ever. At one point, Brian gave his bride a little dip, and a kiss, in front of a vibrant yellow brick building, which made for a super sweet end-result.

My personal favorite in terms of shots is…actually a tie. I keep bouncing back and forth between the pair embracing as the waves rippled behind them and the always popular Wilkes Street tunnel snap.  I don’t know what the picture looks like so I don’t know if it is adorable, but YOU probably wouldn’t use that adjective for two grown folks.