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Washington Wizards 2022 Media Day

This past September I was fortunate enough to photograph my second media day for the Washington Wizards and NBA.  This was especially hectic as only 12 hours before I was coming home from Orlando after a multiday conference.  In addition to the headshots you see on screen when the starting lineup is announced (as well […]

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M Night Shyamalan At The National Press Club DC Luncheon

‘The Sixth Sense’ director, M Night Shyamalan was in town yesterday to discuss his thoughts on closing the education gap on inner city schools in America.  Shyamalan, while scouting locations for ‘The Happening’ described his visit to two schools, one in the inner city with metal detectors, a closed off second floor and a burned […]

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Shots Of The Blue Man Group At National Theatre

Tuesday night, Blue Man Group kicked off a five-day stay at the National Theatre in Washington, DC and my wife and I were invited to come down on opening night to enjoy the performance and snap. Having never seen BMG before I was excited to go, and not only would we have ourselves a pretty sweet […]

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