Christmas 2013…done! {Virginia Photographer}

So Christmas came and went, we’re still trying to dig out of all the wrapping paper!  Santa, in his infinite wisdom, brought the twins a slide for the house.  I wish that was all he brought because Chloe hauled ass right over to it as soon as she saw the thing and didn’t care one bit about anything else.  We practically had to beg her to open her gifts.  Zoe warmed up to it, but the Dora phone is clearly her prized possession at this point.  Holly, as you can see, has quite a bit to go through.

The calm before the storm…

And then this happened…

Christmas threw up right in my living room.

We need a bigger house!!!

Merry Christmas, everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are gearing up for the new year.

Photos taken with my HTC One and edited in Snapseed 
Fire provided by ‘Fireplace For Your Home: Season 1 Episode 2‘ on Netflix