Thanksgiving Weddings!

Talk about a busy weekend!  Normally my Thanksgiving holiday is filled with trips around the Beltway, eating way too much and feeling as if the long weekend off wasn’t long enough.  This one was no exception, other than instead of trips around the beltway to visit my wife’s family it was driving all over Northern VA to shoot some weddings.

Krista and Brendan were high school sweethearts who exchanged vows on the day after Thanksgiving with family, friends and fellow Marines in attendance.  I was lucky enough to have Bonnie Velazco show up on short notice to help me cover some of the ceremony and reception.

After a short rest it was right back to work with Joalene and Jerry who met in Aruba two years ago and were married last week in her hometown of Seattle.  They came out to visit Jerry’s family here for the holiday and had a lovely reception at his parent’s home for those who could not attend their wedding.

Full reviews and photos coming soon!